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Search and other filters in Roles assignment do not work for User Groups, Organizations, and Sites


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      To assign Users to specific roles, they can be assigned either directly or through their association with a User Group, an Organization, or a Site. This can be done using the Add  button in the corresponding assignment tab for the specific entity type when defining the role.

      However, when assigning either a User Group, an Organization, or a Site to any role, the search feature and other filters do not work for the intended entity type. Instead, the context always switches to Users when filtering or searching for User Groups, Organizations, or Sites.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel > Users > User Groups
      2. Add a new user group named 'UG UserGroup Name'
      3. Go to Control Panel > Users > Roles
      4. Add a new regular role named 'Test UserGroup Role'
      5. Save
      6. Under Assignees tab, select the User Groups tab
      7. Click the Add  button to add a User Group
      8. Search for 'UG UserGroup Name'

      Expected Result:
      'UG UserGroup Name' is found under User Groups tab

      Actual Result:
      'UG UserGroup Name' is not found and the context switched to Users tab



      Same issue occurs when using all other filters. The context switches to Users tab when using filters such as Order by Name, the ascending and descending order buttons, and the view buttons (descriptive, list, icon).

      Reproduced on:
      Master: c1cfc5052795a79edcf0ff38478816db93c25f46

      Las working on:
      Master: f09aff1257cb5812a0a5bb832ee6ba9edbca6130



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