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Unnecessary read status, obsolete link and timestamp in no-longer-applies notification



      Reproducing steps

      Whenever a workflow submission is withdrawn a user who had receive a user notification will see a notification, substituting a previous one, informing that the old notification is not valid anymore. If there were several workflow notifications and they were rendered invalid due to one or more withdrawals, there will be several substituting notifications saying that the previous message is not valid anymore.

      1. In a given site, go to Content > Web Content and configure a folder to have a workflow (for example, Single Approver (Version 1)). 
      2. Go to create a new web content in that folder, fill ou the details and click on Submit for publication.
      3. Because of the chosen workflow a notification will have arrived. 
      4. user01 user01 sent you a Web Content Article for review in the workflow
        About a minute ago.

      5. To withdraw the sumission, go to My account > My Submissions > Find the submission > Click on 3-dots > Withdraw Submission

      Observed: The previous notification is substituted by another similar to

      Notification no longer applies.
      Notification for My Workflow Tasks was deleted.
      About a minute ago.

      with the properties:

      1. If the original notification was read (or unread) this one is also shown as read (or unread, respectively).
      2. In the case of unread notification, the notification text has a link (which will lead to the same notifications view but all no-longer-applies notifications will be gone because they're only temporary). 
      3. There's a 3-dot menu available to mark as read and delete the notification.
      4. There's a timestamp for the original notification. 

      Expected: The no-longer-applies notification sits in the place of the original one, informing that the original message is no longer valid, but doesn't include misleading information from the original notification or the 3-dot menu giving the substituting notification the aspect of a new one. 


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