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      There is an error we are forcing our users to introduce in their forms when using radio groups.

      Radio groups are used to select one option, as minimum and maximum, from a dataset. The form builder allows the user to introduce a radio group with a list of options. But it doesn't force to have one option selected from the very beginning.

      The situation right now is that we let the user create a radio group and:

      • We do not force to have one selected from the very beginning.
        • This is a problem because the user can never return to an initial situation where everything is unselected.
      • We ask them if they want to have this field as required or not.
        • This shouldn't be possible in a radio group
      • We have error message associated with this field
        • This is not really needed if the previous steps are solved.

      It would be much better to have the list elements stacked in one column or in several (only when we have a long list)


      Associated: ptr-260


      cc: Jadson Dantas Pedro Queiroz




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