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As a Marketer I can specify which menus will act as Primary/Secondary/social navigation to configure the navigation on the site pages based on the purpose instead of selecting specific menus



      With the recent improvements, each site can have many navigation menus. Each page can have several navigation portlets and show a different menu (or portion of the menu) in each of them. To do this, the marketer needs to go to each navigation menu and select one menu to be shown there.

      The goal of this story is to make some improvements on this process by allowing the marketer (or the administrator of the navigation menus in general) to mark a menu as the primary navigation, secondary navigation or social navigation. This has the following benefits:

      • Marketers can specify which navigation should be shown in each¬†part of the page instead of having to select an specific menu. This is faster and also allows changing it for all at once by changing which menu is marked as the main/secondary/social menu
      • Fragments¬†which display navigation menus can come automatically configured as primary/secondary/social, saving time for the marketer.

      Only one navigation menu can be primary, only one can be secondary and only one can be social. Also, each menu can only be marked as one of them at a given time.

      It should be possible to define additional "types" of navigation through system level configuration.




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