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      We have received some issues and requests about how should behave the DXP interface removing a comment in a comments thread. We think is important to solve this gap and provide a flexible solution to our admin users.


      Provide options to allow clients to decide which policy about the deletion they want to apply in corner cases when users decide to remove one of their comments. 

      Acceptance Criteria

      • An admin user should be able to choose a deletion policy
      • An admin user should be able to revert that choice. 

      User Experience


      • Add a drop-down with the label "Deleting Comments with Replies"
      • Add description text "_ Select the behavior when a user deletes a comment that has replies. _"
      • Deleting Comments Dropdown has two options: "Remove content and author" (selected by default) and "Delete comment and nested replies" 


      Deleting a comment

      Given a comment published by a user. When the user attempts to remove it. Then a warning modal appears informing the consequences of his action. Once the user confirms the deletion, the result will depend of the policy chosen in comments configuration within system settings.

      Warning Message

      • Remove content and author: "Considering this message has replies, we can't delete it. Instead, the content and the author will be removed. You can't undo this action."
      • Delete comment and nested replies: "The comment and its replies will be deleted permanently. You can't undo this action."

      Deletion Policies

      Remove content and author

      • The author is removed and replaced with "Anonymous" a generic user for these cases.
      • The date of the comment remains on the comment item.
      • The content of the comment is replaced with "This comment was removed".

      Delete comment and nested replies

      • All the data of the comment is completely deleted.
      • All the replies to the user's comment are deleted also.

      See more examples


      System Settings Screen
      Please follow the design created in Invision

      Warning Lightbox / Native Dialog
      Currently we are showing dialogs to confirm user actions. Instead, we should use a small modal however we are having technical issues to do that so we will continue using the native dialog of the browser.


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