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Hitting Cancel When Configuring a Site Page Causes Screen of Bullets and Giant Plus Icon and Giant RSS Icon to Appear


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: No Longer Reproducible
    • Affects Version/s: Master
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      Similar bug to LPS-74073, except it is reproducable on Master onstead of 7.0.x. (Takes one-two tries usually) Also, this bug allows the user to duplicate the Site Pages page an infinite amount of times. see video for example.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start Liferay Bundle
      2. Go to Sitepages
      3. Click Configure on Welcome Page
      4. Click Cancel
      5. Click Home
      6. Repeat from Step 3 as many times as desired

      If you perform this process with another Site Page, you can delete one of the Site Pages, and have the option to perform actions on a null Site Page.

      You can also use this method to have the ability to interact with multiple Site Page instances in any part of the Control Panel simultaneously.

      Expected Result

      1. Clicking cancel brings user back to previous page

      Actual Result

      1. Clicking cancel brings user back to previous page twice or the screen with symbols and bullets
        Reproduced on Tomcat 8.0.32 + MySQL 5.7
        portal master GIT ID: 067ec4eb24e24df57c9ba808976f2432bbe08a07


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