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JS errors when clicking buttons inside the container when viewing a blog entry


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Add a blog entry
    2. View blog entry
    3. Attempt to click on flag icon

    Expected result: Flag icon is clickable and user is able to flag an entry
    Actual result: Flag icon and other buttons in the container are not clickable
    Alternate steps to reproduce:

    1. Add blogs portlet to the page.
    2. Configure its social bookmarks to be displayed as "menu".
    3. Add a blog entry.
    4. Click on the entry title to navigate to it.
    5. Click on the share button.

    Expected: A dropdown menu is displayed.
    Actual: No dropdown is displayed and the following error appears in the JS console:

    Uncaught (in promise) Error: Namespace "goog.string" already declared.
        at Object.goog.provide (bundle.js:279)
        at bundle.js:2345
        at Function.<anonymous> (bundle.js:5333)
        at Loader._setModuleImplementation (loader.js:981)
        at defineModules (loader.js:1094)
        at loader.js:1113
    Uncaught Error: No template with namespace "ClayIcon.incrementaldom" has been loaded yet.
        at Soy.js:133
        at trigger__soy153 (ClayDropdown.soy.js:90)
        at Object.soyIDOM.renderDynamicContent (bundle.js:4818)
        at Object.soyIDOM.print (bundle.js:4841)
        at $trigger (ClayDropdownBase.soy.js:425)
        at $render (ClayDropdownBase.soy.js:119)
        at Soy.renderIncDom (Soy.js:222)
        at render (render.js:451)
        at incremental-dom-cjs.js:736
        at f (incremental-dom-cjs.js:667)

    The same interaction does work outside of a single blog entry page.


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