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Twitter Cards metadata and Facebook Open Graphs tags integration for Blogs


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      It would be nice to have some built-in support for Twitter Cards metadata and Facebook Open Graphs tags for Liferay Blogs, so that when a user shares a Liferay blog article on Twitter or Facebook, a nice, card-like view is presented, with an image and summary. Currently it only shows the URL to the blog article.

      (For 6.2, there is a plugin on the marketplace meant for a similar functionality, but it seems to be for web contents: https://web.liferay.com/en/marketplace/-/mp/application/42382023)

      I have attached an example of what the customer is asking (this example is only on twitter, but the general idea would for this feature to be present for all social media sites). On the image - the top tweet is using a link to a public blog on Liferay (Khub), you can see it only posts the url and no preview, the second tweet is using a url from the BBC website - this generates a preview with a thumbnail image and a little snippet of text.




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