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Wiki portlet does not open linked document



      Steps to reproduce:

      0. Start Liferay Vanilla DXP.

      1. Log in as Administrator.
      2. Place a Wiki portlet on the page.
      3. Click on Edit and write a couple of words.
      4. Highlight a word and click on "Link" in the Alloy Editor.
      5. Click on the Folder icon.
      6. Upload any document and publish the Wiki.
      7. Click on the link in the published Wiki.

      Actual behavior: The link will redirect you to a new Wiki article under creation, containing a link to the document.
      Expected behavior: The link will open the document.

      To see the expected behavior, click on Edit on the already existing Wiki article and Ctrl + click on the link. This will open up the document in a new window.

      Also tested:
      7.0x @ebe6b14deba852ce3798e5b52ab26be7ac98db6f -> Same behavior
      Master @e60a494629a32d691c39b4a55cfc395b0d084c9e -> Same behavior

      On Master, there is no Folder icon in the Alloy Editor, so to reproduce the behavior, I imported a .lar file provided by the customer into the Wiki portlet. Please find the .lar file attached.

      Update(20180528):  LPS-71509 can solve the issue on master.




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