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Null "Type" for <lfr-editable> prevents its changes from being saved



      Fragments may be edited in a Page Template with the use of the <lfr-editable> tag. However, reloading the page after adding it to the page causes it to not save, and then not be editable

      Step to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to Site Administration > Content > Fragments
      2. Create a Collection, then a fragment Test Fragment
      3. Create a Fragment with editable-text (example below)
        <div class="fragment_36609">
        <lfr-editable id="test">
      4. Publish Fragment
      5. Navigate to Site Administration > Navigation > Site Pages
      6. Click on Navtab Page Templates
      7. Add a new collection and navigate inside, then create a new page template
      8. Add your editable fragment to the page template
      9. Attempt to Edit its text and Refresh
      10. Attempt to Edit its text
      11. Add a new fragment and Refresh without editing its text
      12. Attempt to Edit its text

      Expected Result:
      Editable fragments save when the "Page template" says changes are saved and remain editable upon refresh or re-navigation to the page

      Actual Result
      When the page refreshes with an editable fragment, all editable fragments are reset to their original values and become uneditable

      Reproduced on MySQL 5.7 + Tomcat 8.0.32
      Portal master GIT ID: 9fac15228292bc1811b0f8fe3819f1e0165fa9a1




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