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Custom document type field (value is empty) is not updated after import.



      The issue only occurs on 6.2.x. On master, it used different way (ddmFormValues) to handle with the import logic.

      Reproduction Steps:

      1.Go to Liferay site->Content->Documents and Media->Manage->Documents Types, add one document type: Name: "documentType", place one text field and then save it.

      2. Add the type "documentType" document, title: file. Text field: hello. And then save it.

      3. Export the Documents and Media portlet as "Documents_and_Media1.portlet.lar".

      4. Create one new site "importSite"

      5. Import the "Documents_and_Media1.portlet.lar" to importSite.

      6. Go to importSite->Documents and Media, check the document's content, the Text field will be hello.

      7. Back to Liferay site, edit the document and remove hello (keep the value as blank) in Text field to save.

      8. Export liferay site -> Documents and Media portlet as "Documents_and_Media2.portlet.lar".

      9. Import the "Documents_and_Media2.portlet.lar" to importSite.

      10. Check the document's content.

      Actual behavior: The Text field is hello.

      Expected behavior: The Text field will be blank.


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