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Recent/Mine documents does not show the correct document list when using list view



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Site Admin/Content/Documents and Media.
      2. Create a document d1.
      3. Create a folder f1.
      4. Create a document df1 in f1.
      5. Click on Recent in the navigation menu at the left.
      Checkpoint: It shows d1 and df1.
      6. Click on Home, then on folder f1, then click Up in the navigation menu, and then on Recent again.
      Checkpoint: You still see d1 and df1.
      7. Switch to List view and do again steps 5 and 6.
      Result: When you click on Recent, you only see df1
      Expected: You should see both d1 and df1, just like when using the icon view.

      The same issue can be observed with the Mine navigation point.

      The cause of the issue is that when folder f1 is pressed, the folder listing is viewed by full page refresh, instead of an ajax refresh.
      This is because the search results row doesn't has the "folder" and "folder-id" set as it's row data.

      On master/DXP the code responsible for this is introduced by LPS-60057 which is Story, therefore it cannot be backported to 6.2.


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