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Virtual host domain name is not replaced in links in Web Content



      If two bundles of Liferay are configured to use virtual hosts with different domain names, then depending on the properties used, Liferay may fail to replace URL links when exporting and re-importing a LAR with web content between them.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set up a proxy server using HTTP for routing for two Liferay nodes (or two for one node each)
      2. Start up a clean bundle of Liferay DE 7.0 installed with de-39 connected to the web server with the domain name www.firstbundle.com (and set this as the virtual host name in Instance Settings)
      3. Set the following portal properties (change ports for proxy or VM used as needed):
      4. Add a new public page called "Link"
      5. Go to Content --> Web Content and add a Basic Web Content
      6. Add the text "Click here" in the body
      7. Highlight "here" and add a link to the page "Link" using the "browser" button (looks like a folder). Verify when you double click on "here" that it shows the domain name of your current environment
      8. Go to Publishing --> Export and add a new export. Export all public pages and content
      9. Start a new bundle of Liferay DE 7.0 installed with de-39 connected to a web server with the domain name www.secondbundle.com (and set the virtual host name in Instance Settings)
      10. Go to Publishing --> Import and import the LAR file that you just exported
      11. Verify the public pages were added and go to Content --> Web Content and edit the web content there
      12. Double click on "here" in the body of the web content
      Expected results: The link will reflect the new domain name
      Actual results: The link carries over the old domain name




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