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As a Web Developer I can propagate changes done to a fragment to the pages and page templates that use it



      The initial lifecycle for a fragment frequently goes from the creation of the fragment, its usage within a page template and then creation of a page from that page template.

      In real life however we expect it to be common for Designers, while working on page templates, and Marketers while working on pages, to identify issues or desired changes on specific fragments. They can ask the web developers to make the changes, but as of now, those changes would only apply to new usages of the updated fragment. This is on purpose to avoid unexpected changes to already published pages and page templates. However in some cases, it is explicitly desired to propagate the changes to a fragment to all or some of the pages and page templates that use a fragment.

      The purpose of this story is to provide the web developer with the possibility of executing an explicit propagation action upon visualizing which pages and page templates are using the fragment. The propagation could be done to all or to explicitly selected pages or page templates.

      Ideally it should be possible as well to see the date in which the last propagation of the fragment to a page was done (or when it was originally applied). This information could later be complemented with the version number once versioning of fragments is supported.


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