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Unable to assign Site to User from User Edit Page



      **Steps To Reproduce :
      1. Create 2 users.  Create 2 sites.
      2. Create a regular role with the following permissions (feel free to add more)

      Portal: Add User
      Portal: View Control Panel Menu
      Site Memberships: Access in Site Administration 	All Sites 
      Site Memberships: View 	All Sites 
      Site Settings > Site: Assign Members 	All Sites 
      Site Settings > Site: View 	All Sites 
      Site Settings > Site: View Members 	All Sites 
      Site Settings > Site: View Site Administration Menu 	All Sites 
      Sites: Access in Control Panel 	
      Sites: View 	
      Users and Organizations: Access in Control Panel
      Users and Organizations: Configuration
      Users and Organizations: Export User
      Users and Organizations: Permissions
      Users and Organizations: Preferences
      Users and Organizations: View
      Users and Organizations > Organization: Add Organization
      Users and Organizations > Organization: Assign Members
      Users and Organizations > Organization: Assign User Roles
      Users and Organizations > Organization: Manage Users
      Users and Organizations > Organization: View
      Users and Organizations > User: Impersonate
      Users and Organizations > User: Permissions
      Users and Organizations > User: Update
      Users and Organizations > User: View

      3. Assign this role to a user.
      4. Sign in as the new user.  Control Panel > Users and Organizations
      5. Choose the other user and try to add the Site to the User with Edit > Memberships > Select Sites

      Expected Results:
      Sites are shown in the list – some permission should allow the user to assign the site.

      Actual Results:
      There is an empty search.

      The user can be added to the site by navigating to the site itself, however we cannot add the site to the user via the membership page. Further we can add User Groups to the user via the membership page with the corresponding permissions (proper search results with User Groups but empty search with Sites).

      Branch: 0aa3b54d38e8ebb82bc87d8d6a88a4ee00c3a8d5
      Master: 0fafe0a7171885ddcbfd7a957df5fc7f2ef12ee8




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                Version Package
                7.0.0 DXP FP47
                7.0.0 DXP SP8
                7.1.0 Beta 1