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As a Marketer I can map an editable field of Display Page to a template of the associated web content to support advanced representation of fields




      Currently it is possible to map any editable field of a fragment of the display template to any (compatible) field of the associated type of page result. This is very easy to use can solves all simple use cases. However it does not cover the most advanced use cases.


      When creating the display page of a more advanced type of content it is some times necessary to be able to use some display logic to determine how the content should be displayed. For example:

      • The value of some fields might affect whether other fields are displayed
      • Some fields might actually not be intended to be shown, but still affect the display in some way.
      • Some field might be repeatable and need to be iterated over.

      Proposed Solution

      Web Content templates are already a working solution for these advanced display needs. In order to solve the need we will leverage these templates by allowing a Marketer to select an pre-created template and map it to an HTML editable area. A web developer will need to create the template and make them available for Marketers. 

      When a display page editable area is mapped to a template, the presentation of an specific content with that display page should trigger the execution of the template and the result should be inserted in the mapped area and presented to the end user.

      Proposed Design

      Show 2 tabs in a modal in order to allow marketers to select fields or display templates when they want mapping 

      User Flow

      1. go to pages>Display Pages
      2. Click plus button
      3. Select Asset Type: web content
      4. Put a name for this new Display Page
      5. Create Page with fragments
      6. Click on Mapping
      7. Select Structure
      8. Click on Checkbox: show mapping areas
      9. hover on one of the mapping areas
      10. Select the action: Mapping Fields/Displays
      11. A lightbox should be open 2 tabs with a list of fields to select or a list of Displays with templates
      12. select one of them to map

      Mockups (Visual Design)


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