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New embedded search bar "Let the User Choose" scope doesn't immediately take effect



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. DO NOT navigate to the search page before performing a search on step 6
      2. Create a new site with a blog entry titled "test blog"
      3. Navigate back to the default liferay site home page
      4. Configure the liferay site embedded/header search bar scope to "Let the User Choose"
      5. Select "Everything" in the search bar scope dropdown
      6. Search for "test"

      Expected Result:
      The blog entry "test blog" should show up in the results the first time performing the search

      Actual Result:
      No results show up the first time performing the search.

      This bug only occurs if the user has never navigated to the search page before searching for the first time, so any searches after the first would not reproduce the issue. This bug only occurs when searching with a Search template page (either the default one or a newly created one). This issue is reproducible on new virtual instances as well.

      master only:
      On master (7.4), not only is the scope not taking effect, but the Scope dropdown also doesn't appear within either of the search bars on the search page the first time the user navigates to it. For other branches, the Scope dropdown does appear even though the selected scope is not applied to the search.

      Reproduced on:
      Portal Master Git SHA: 98cd36ad4ad280d988c3979aa03104268cc234d0


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