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Navigation UX: It's really hard to navigate to child pages


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      on alpha 2

      See https://youtu.be/g08_y0afzFU for a visual demonstration. Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a child page for "Welcome"
      • navigate back to the homepage
      • Hover the mouse over "Welcome" and observe that the subpage opens in a popup menu
      • move the mouse. More often than not, the popup will have diminished before the mouse will reach it.

      Expected behavior:

      • popup with sub pages stays open and can be clicked.

      Secondary aspect in UX: The nature of hidden pages is no longer clearly visible. What used to be an explicit checkbox is now the unavailability of a page in a navigation menu - e.g. create a sub-page for "Search" and it will appear on top level, as "Search" is not contained in the default navigation menu. This can be found with the number of pages in this demo, for real-world implementations with lots and lots of pages, the not-availability of a page in a huge list/tree of other pages is hardly maintainable and self-explanatory.


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