An insurance company is thinking on developing its new digital platform with a whole new technology stack (nodejs and vuejs). They expect to store all the content of their web and mobile apps in Liferay (news, documents, webcontent) and present it in the custom frontend that they'll build. They want to create dedicated SPAs or mobile apps for specific usecases.

      Use-cases they want to cover:

      •  Show content in the public area of the website for showing the products to soon-to-be customers.
        • Blog section with interesting articles about industry
      • Offer that content in multiple languages
      • For registered users, they will show:
        • A user profile for managing their personal data, products purchased, etc
        • Perform digital operations like purchasing new insurance policies.
        • Show personalized content with customized offers:
          • Offer home insurance to health insurers and vice versa, etc
          • Special discounts for long-time customers
      • Search bar for finding the different products based on different criteria:
        • Name
        • Categories
        • Tags



      As a consumer developer I want to consume the content of Liferay through the API:

      • Access structured content
      • Access content structures
      • Access blogposts
      • Access documents and folders
        • Retrieve images with adaptive media
      • Access contentSpaces
      • Access Vocabularies, categories and tags
      • Access Websites
      • Enterprise search integration


      As a consumer developer I want to have tools for accessing Liferay content:

      • In a SPA created using a javascript framework like React, AngularJS, nodeJS
      • In a native mobile app:
        • Android
        • iOS


      ContentSpaces: pure plain content: content structures, structured web content, docs & media




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