Customer has stated that,there are two users User1 and User2 and both have subscribed to Document and Media portlet. When user2 edits a document which was uploaded by user1, then user1 receives the notification on notification portlet that states "User1 Updated the Document xxxx", which has actually been edited by user2.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1- Create 2 users User1 and User2 and subscribe to Document and Media portlet from both the users.

      2- Add Notification portlet on the page where Document and media portlet has been added.

      3- User1 uploads a document and give the edit permissions to site members.

      4- User2 receives the notification that User1 has uploaded a document. User2 edited the same document.

      Actual Behavior: User1 receives the notification that "User1 Updated the Document xxxx" which was actually edited by user2.

      Expected Behavior: User1 should receive the notification "User2 Updated the Document xxxx".

      Result in Master: 3085314945ce5486253dea9b68b22db4ec23da2c- Unable to define permissions for the users in master, the child window for permissions or any child window is not getting open completely.

      Result in 6.2.X: 7a27c9da26ee74c6e5bff07dcd358a124e06b4dc . Reproduced.




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