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Web Content from another Site Page Variation is published



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Make new Site
      2. Make new Layout Page with the standard 30/70 2 column layout
      3. Make 2 new Web Content Articles: Main Content and Variation Content
      4. Enable Local Live Staging with Page Versioning on Public Pages
      5. Add Web Content Display to the first column on the Page, Configure to display Main Content, click "Ready to Publish", and Publish to Live
      6. Add a new Site Pages Variation
      7. On the New Site Pages Variation, move the Web Content Display to the second column and configure to display Variation Content, click "Ready to Publish", and Publish
      8. View the Live Site and see that it matches the new Site Pages Variation
      9. Go the the original Main Variation and click Publish
      10. View the Live Site

      Expected Result: The Main Content displays using the Main Variation Layout (in the left column)
      Actual Result: The New Site Pages Variation Content displays in Main Variation Layout (in the left column)

      Also note that the Site Name disappears on the Live Site.

      Reproduced on master: 1204524d3b556f48127fbd8252380c8643df48d7


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