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As a content author I can choose whether to leave the default display page, choose an specific one or specify no display page




      Liferay 7.1 introduces the possibility of creating display pages and the possibility of choosing a default display page for each web content structure. It is also possible for a content author to select an specific display page for each web content article, overriding the default. When doing that, the UI is currently not showing whether there is a default display page for the web content's structure or not. It is also not possible to choose to not have any display page for the article.


      1. Easily tell which display page will be used for the current article. To achieve this, the UI that allows selecting the display page should clearly show whether there is a default display page (or not) and offer an option to choose an specific one.
      2. To be able to choose to not have a display page. For some types of web content it is not desired to have a display page. This is the case in those situations in which the content is never meant to be shown by itself, for example for a banner. When there isn't a display page, the web content won't have an associated URL that can be used to display the content. The only way to visualize it would be by using the Web Content Display widget within a page.

      Proposed Solution

      The proposed solution would give the user three options to specify the display page. These three options could look something like this:

      Use default display page for "Press Release": [Fancy Press Release]

      ( ) Use an specific display page for this web content [[CHOOSE]]

      ( ) None (This content will not be referenceable with a URL)


      If there is at the time, no default display page for the structure of the web content, it might be necessary to change the text slightly. For example:

      Use default display page for "Press Release": None (This content will not be referenceable with a URL)

      Related to this story, the friendly URL field should be moved to be along the display page selection. The friendly URL should be disabled if the third option (the explicit "No display page") is selected.

      It might still be a good idea to enable it even if there is no default display page for the current structure. This makes it possible to specify the friendly URL in cases where a default display page will be chosen later on. In this case, however, there should not be a link to preview the content, explaining the user that it's necessary to have a display page for that.





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