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Contextually incorrect translations for Calendar event management for invitations in Japanese localization


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      In the Calendar event management screen, there are four statuses that indicate an invitee's response to a event invitation as follows:

      • Pending
      • Accepted
      • Declined
      • Maybe

      Currently in Japanese, it seems like the translations for these statuses are contextually incorrect when relating to Calendar events. They are listed as follows:

      • 申請中 (pending)
      • 許可済 (accepted)
      • 却下済 (declined)
      • 多分 (maybe) – This one's actually okay, so we can ignore this.

      While they aren't grammatically incorrect, they are contextually incorrect. Based on our observations these statuses seem to be related to Workflow, leading us to believe that there are language keys that are shared between Workflow and Calendar. In Japanese localization, these statuses should not be used for Calendar.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Obtain latest copy of Master
      2. Start up Liferay, and sign in as [email protected]
      3. Add a Calendar portlet to the Welcome page
      4. Add an event
      5. Change the language to Japanese localization by appending /ja to the end of the hostname:port (e.g. http://localhost:8080 -> http://localhost:8080/ja)
      6. Go to the event created in the previous steps, and click on the Edit icon (編集)
      7. In the event edit screen, scroll down to Invitations (招待) and click the down arrow to expand the field.

      Actual results
      Assert that Japanese language keys are contextually incorrect:

      • 申請中 (pending) - translates to "in the process of requesting"
      • 許可済 (accepted) - translates to "acceptance completed"
      • 却下済 (declined) - translates to "rejection completed"

      The context seems to indicate workflow statuses instead of a person's attendance/participation at an event.

      Expected results
      Instead, we think that the calendar event invitee statuses should be reflected as follows:

      • 申請中 (pending) -> This one should be 返答待ち (waiting for a response)
      • 許可済 (accepted) -> This one should be 参加 (participating)
      • 却下済 (declined) -> This one should be 不参加 (not participating)

      Again, while the translations aren't grammatically incorrect, they are contextually incorrect, which might make sense in Workflow, but not for calendar responses. While I am not sure about the specifics, I think there may be a shared language key between Workflow and Calendar that is contributing to this behavior.


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