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Dragging and dropping portlets into different columns: Ordering glitch


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      Carried over from https://dev.liferay.com/en/web/liferay-7.1-community-beta-program/feedback/-/message_boards/message/1712724, but now for Beta 2 (note: Beta 2 still listed as unreleased in JIRA affected versions)

      • Empty page, 2-column-30-70 or similar.
      • Add portlets/widgets: Left column: Navigation, right column: Documents and Media
      • Drag Documents and Media below Navigation, to column-1

      Expected behavior:

      • Documents and Media appears below Navigation

      Actual behavior

      • Documents and Media appears above Navigation
      • reloading the page doesn't help.

      At least: After it's been ordered wrongly into position 1, it can be dragged down, below Navigation when staying within the same column.

      Additional information:
      I've started to reproduce the same behavior when I had three Navigation portlets stacked in column-1, but only when dropping "Documents and Media" between the first and second. After a few tries, I weirdly can't reproduce this any more. When I remove two of the three Navigation portlets, I can repeat the steps outlined above.




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