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Create portal-property for merging tags by name



      Customers can encounter an issue in which publishing to live with Local Live staging enabled fails with a duplicatetagexception. This issue seems to have been fixed here: LPS-71451, but even after updating to DE-44 fix pack, this issue still exists with sites that were upgraded from 6.2 to DXP. A newly created site does not reproduce this issue.

      While the Advanced Publishing page allows the user to select "Merge by Tag Name", the Staging page accessed from specific portlets does not have the "Merge by Tag Name" option. The best solution I see is to create a portal property that can be used to set the default behavior of merge tags by name for portlets.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Start up a 6.2 bundle (I used a clean 6.2 SP20 bundle from Customer Portal)
      2. Create a new site and enable Local Live Staging
      3. Go to Content > Tags and add a new tag
      4. Go to Content > Web Content > Add Basic Web Content > Categorization > Add tag created in step 3 > Save
      5. Run a Local Live publish
      6. Shut down portal
      7. Upgrade to DXP SP4
      8. Go to Content > Web Content
      9. Click the ellipsis in the the upper right and choose staging
      10. Include the Web Content Articles to be staged
      Expected Behavior: Local Live publish is successful
      Actual Behavior: Local Live publish fails with duplicatetagexception as Merge by Tag Name is false by default and cannot be set by this interface.




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