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Child pages will fail to appear when SPA navigation is cancelled


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      Steps to reproduce

      Using a connection speed throttler (like the one include in Chrome Dev Tools) will be helpful because the page will not load so fast to the point that it will be impossible to click on the two pages quickly.

      1. Create a new page named P
      2. Create a new child page (under P) named C
      3. On the Welcome page (using the site navigation menu) click on page C, then (quickly, before the page ends loading) click on the Welcome page, then wait for the page finish loading
      4. Hover over page P

      Expected result

      The child page C will be shown

      Current result

      The child page C won't be shown

      Technical details

      Seemingly the child page C won't be shown because the mouseover event listener that should be attached to the ul.navbar-site element will not be available. So the _onMouseToggle function (declared on navitgation_interaction.js) won't be called to make the element appear.

      Reproduced on

      master: cb161c1c6b6a3f20111024b94127ecc3d4413577
      7.0.x: 16a33c23a15877c133f81fdc00f9a0b5c3422373


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