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Missing a series of layout table when upgrade 6.0.12 to 7.0.x



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Import the attached 6.0.12 database to mysql.
      2. Set up the related properties, then upgrade to 7.0.x-private.

      Expected Result:
      Upgrade is successful without errors.

      Actual Result:
      Nonexisting tables in 6.1 are not created, exception is thrown as following. The upgrades still can be completed with errors.

      2018-06-11 06:13:11.270 INFO  [main][UpgradeProcess:86] Upgrading com.liferay.portal.upgrade.UpgradeProcess_6_0_12_to_6_1_0
      2018-06-11 06:13:11.271 INFO  [main][UpgradeProcess:86] Upgrading com.liferay.portal.upgrade.v6_0_12_to_6_1_0.UpgradeSchema
      2018-06-11 06:13:11.271 INFO  [main][LoggingTimer:72] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.db.BaseDBProcess#runSQLTemplate#update-6.0.12-6.1.0.sql
      2018-06-11 06:14:01.627 WARN  [main][BaseDB:484] Duplicate column name 'addedByLDAPImport': alter table UserGroup add addedByLDAPImport tinyint;_ [Sanitized]
      2018-06-11 06:14:03.972 INFO  [main][LoggingTimer:38] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.db.BaseDBProcess#runSQLTemplate#update-6.0.12-6.1.0.sql in 52701 ms
      2018-06-11 06:14:03.973 INFO  [main][UpgradeProcess:86] Upgrading com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeMVCCVersion
      2018-06-11 06:14:03.974 INFO  [main][LoggingTimer:72] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeMVCCVersion#upgradeClassElementMVCCVersions
      2018-06-11 06:14:07.399 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table layoutfriendlyurl does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:10.451 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table recentlayoutbranch does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:10.453 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table recentlayoutrevision does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:10.454 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table recentlayoutsetbranch does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:12.399 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table systemevent does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:14.828 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table usernotificationdelivery does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:16.027 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table exportimportconfiguration does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:16.027 INFO  [main][LoggingTimer:38] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeMVCCVersion#upgradeClassElementMVCCVersions in 12053 ms
      2018-06-11 06:14:16.028 INFO  [main][LoggingTimer:72] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeMVCCVersion#upgradeModuleTableMVCCVersions
      2018-06-11 06:14:16.030 ERROR [main][UpgradeMVCCVersion:57] Table backgroundtask does not exist
      2018-06-11 06:14:16.206 INFO  [main][LoggingTimer:38] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeMVCCVersion#upgradeModuleTableMVCCVersions in 178 ms


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