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Global web content not editable from sites with different virtual hosts




      When the virtual instance domain and the site domain are assigned different values it is not possible to edit a Global web content article that is displayed on the site. When the edit kebab is clicked the pop up appears but never stops loading.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start the Liferay DXP bundle
      2. Create a Web Content in the Global Site (You can also include a Blog, Bookmark, Bookmark Folder, DDLRecord, DLFileEntry, DLFolder, Knowledge Base, MBMessage, Web Content Folder, and Wiki Page)
      3. Create a new Site
      4. Add an Asset Publisher and configure it's scope to Global
      3. Navigate to the site -> Configuration -> Site Settings -> Site URL tab -> Public Pages
      4. Change the Public Pages field to a valid url configured in the hosts file (test-liferay.com for my testing)
      5. Navigate to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Instance Settings
      6. Change the Virtual Host field to a domain configured in the hosts file (thisisatest for my testing)
      7. Access the default site via test-liferay.com:8080 in an incognito browser
      8. Edit the Web Content in the Asset Publisher on the default site's landing page (You can also try editing the other Assets created)

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: The web content article can be edited
      Actual Result: The web content article can not be edited as the pop up windows gets stuck on the loading icon and an error appears in the browser

      Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "http://test-liferay.com:8080" from accessing a cross-origin frame

      This happens because the URL is generated with the Portal's virtualhost instead of the site's virtualhost, and different origins are not allowed by the browser.


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