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Forms email notification directs to copy of form entry on the generated "forms" site



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Setup/Configure an SMTP server to receive emails from Liferay server
      2. Add a new Site ("Test Site")
      3. Go to created site
      4. Add a new Form with a text field
      5. Configure email notifications for the form (in Settings)
      6. Publish Form
      7. Go to Publication URL
      8. Submit an entry
      9. View email notification
      10. In the email, click the button that reads: "Click here to access the form"

      Expected Result:
      Link directs to form entry on the site where the Form was created ("Test Site")

      Actual Result:
      Link directs to the form entry on the "forms" site. This might confuse the user because if they attempt to navigate back to the "Forms" app from here, the form will be missing because the user is on another site that does not have full functionality.

      Reproduced on:
      7.1.x-private: 23f1b2e8a13c064f014ae8a285f941b0b2ed375c


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