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Cannot export Documents and Media after adding many entries



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create new community site
      2. Create new user, give him membership and site administrator role for the site
      3. Impersonate him and create 10000 Folders and 10000 Documents in Documents and Media
      4. Create 1000 Announcements, Blog Entries, Bookmarks, Contacts, Message Board Threads and Wikis ( probably optional step )
      5. Create 10000 Message board Categories ( probably optional step )
      6. Go back to the administrator account and select 'Export Personal Data' in action menu
      7. Click on  [+] button and select all content
      8. Export

      Expected results: All content is exported and ready for download

      Actual results: Export for Documents and Media fails every time, rest of content is good 

      Reproduced on:

      Ubuntu 18.04 LTS | Firefox 60 ESR | Tomcat 9 | Mysql 5.7
      Portal Master Git Hash: #32487a8abadb8dec854122afbe4ecc91870637ad

      Priority: L2 + S2 = 2




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