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Ownership by LDAP-imported users not maintained when importing LAR data



      If LDAP users are imported into multiple environments, exporting and importing data between these environments will not maintain ownership by those users. This is because the users will most likely have differing userId's between these environments, and UUID (unlike userId) is no longer included in the StagedModel itself for export/imports.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Set up 2 separate Liferay DXP environments (Env 1 & Env 2)
      2) Connect them to the same LDAP server (and be sure to configure the UUID to map to a valid attribute; for testing purposes, using the same as email works), then import one or more users

      • You may need to create some dummy data in the second environment before importing users to ensure Liferay increments its counter and generates a different userId from Env 1

      3) Imported LDAP User in Env 1 creates Web Content (Web Content 1)
      4) Log into Env 1 as an Administrator (Admin 1)
      5) Export Web Content 1 from Env 1
      6) Log into Env 2 as an Administrator (Admin 2)
      7) Verify that imported LDAP User exists in Env 2 and verify UUID is the same
      8) Import Web Content 1 in Content > Web Content > top right ellipses > Export/Import

      • Make sure Authorship of the Content is set to "Original Author"

      Expected result: Imported LDAP User maintains ownership of Web Content 1 in both Env 1 and Env 2
      Actual result: The Web Content is now owned by the administrator rather than the LDAP user

      Reproduced in master: af428f965af4d32a3132e05cb7b57606faec06cd
      Reproduced in 7.0.x: 91b9debcd64ed0c71edc12c84517a2162648c3fd


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