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There is no Intuitive Way to leave the Widget Page Template Editor



      When a user creates a Widget Page Template, the only way from them to leave would be to click the Browser's back button (not Liferay) or go to a Page in the Control Panel or to Click on the Liferay icon on the top left. All of these options re very inconvenient for the user, as not only are they not the expected ways to return to where they came from, it will take multiple navigations to return back to the Widget Page Template where they came from.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Widget Page Template
      2. Add some Portlets
      3. Navigate back to Page Template Collections

      Expected Result
      Liferay (<) Button or at least Site Admin is visible allowing user to navigate to Site Admin > Build > Pages > Page Templates

      Actual Result
      User has to find a weird way to navigate back to page templates like going to Control Panel > Users > Roles and then to Site Admin > Build > Pages and then to Page Templates (3 Actions instead of what should be 1)

      Reproduced on: Tomcat 9.0.6 + MariaDB 10.2
      Portal master GIT ID: 13d5c0e19b3cb397fe52322ac6dc0afc477eea52


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