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The title of a fileEntry should not be used when the file is downloaded if an uploaded file is part of the fileEntry


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      Presently the title of a fileEntry is used when the fileEntry is downloaded. This causes issues when the name in the title does not match the name of the file that was uploaded, as can be seen here: LPS-82717 That LPS addresses the file extensions which can be part of the title of the fileEntry. However it remains that the title of the fileEntry does not have any resemblance to the file that was uploaded.


      If a file has been uploaded to the fileEntry the name of the file that can then be downloaded should match the name of the original file that was uploaded. This will remove the possibility of material being uploaded and hidden behind another name.

      If this is not possible, then change the name "title" to something that more aptly describes the behavior or inform the user via the UI that the title will be the name of the file that is downloaded.

      Another possible way to address this would be to have the fileEntry "title" field become read only when a file is uploaded and populated with the name of the uploaded file. A second field, would then be needed to allow for a custom name for the fileEntry itself which would not be used when downloading the uploaded file.


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