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WCD ellipsis single menu possibility has been lost



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install a clean bundle without fixpacks or with a Fix Pack lower that Fix Pack 33.
      2. Start the bundle.
      3. Login as administrator.
      4. Create a public page.
      5. Add a WCD portlet to the page.
      6. Check that when hovering over the WCD portlet there are a plus icon and ellipsis menu icon in the WCD portlet topper.
      7. Add a "Basic Web Content" by clicking the plus icon.
      8. Refresh the page.
      9. Check that there is a plus icon and a ellipsis menu icon only when hovering over the WCD portlet.
      10. Stop the server.
      11. Upgrade that bundle to something higher than Fix Pack 32.
      12. Start the bundle.
      13. Login as administrator.
      14. Hover over the previously created WCD portlet.

      Expected result:

      • There are one ellipsis menu icon and a plus icon

      Actual result:

      • There are two ellipsis menu icons and a plus icon


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