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Unable to delete a Site with many Folders or Files


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    • 7.0.6 CE GA7, 7.0.0 DXP FP51, 7.1.0 RC1, Master
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      I have a site with few thousands of folders inside the Document Media Library and I'm unable to delete it.

      I think the strategy used to remove folders or files inside a tree of folders isn't suitable for big amounts of elements. Let me explain it better.

      When you choose to remove a Site you land to


      which as this code

                  // Repositories

      Method deleteAllRepositories calls deleteRepository

          protected void deleteRepository(LocalRepository localRepository)
              throws PortalException {
              long repositoryId = localRepository.getRepositoryId();
              if (!_isExternalRepository(localRepository)) {

      Contents have to be removed only when stored inside Liferay, this is right.

      Here the code of DLAppHelperLocalServiceImpl.deleteRepositoryFileEntries()

          public void deleteRepositoryFileEntries(long repositoryId)
              throws PortalException {
              LocalRepository localRepository =
              List<FileEntry> fileEntries = localRepository.getRepositoryFileEntries(
                  DLFolderConstants.DEFAULT_PARENT_FOLDER_ID, QueryUtil.ALL_POS,
                  QueryUtil.ALL_POS, null);
              for (FileEntry fileEntry : fileEntries) {

      In this method there is the first problem. It collects all the FileEntry of the repository. If we have a site with millions of entries we probably saturate JVM memory.

      A better approch could be to use an ActionableDynamicQuery?

      But, let's go forward. How FileEntry are collected?

      In this scenario LocalRespository is a LiferayRepository, and the method calls DLFileEntryServiceImpl.getGroupFileEntries()

          public List<DLFileEntry> getGroupFileEntries(
                  long groupId, long userId, long rootFolderId, int start, int end,
                  OrderByComparator<DLFileEntry> obc)
              throws PortalException {
              List<Long> folderIds = dlFolderService.getFolderIds(
                  groupId, rootFolderId);
              if (folderIds.isEmpty()) {
                  return Collections.emptyList();
              else if (userId <= 0) {
                  return dlFileEntryPersistence.filterFindByG_F(
                      groupId, ArrayUtil.toLongArray(folderIds), start, end, obc);
              else {
                  return dlFileEntryPersistence.filterFindByG_U_F(
                      groupId, userId, ArrayUtil.toLongArray(folderIds), start, end,

      The first action is to collect all the forlderIds. In my use case ~3000.

      Than it calls dlFileEntryPersistence.filterFindByG_F which build an sql having a where clause containing

      "DLFileEntry.folderId = ? OR DLFileEntry.folderId = ? OR DLFileEntry.folderId = ? ....."

       with ~3000 filter parameters.

      The SQL command exceed the database limit and throws an JDBCException. This is the second problem.






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