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Add a line break adding an image/video using Alloy Editor



      We discovered testing LPS-79998 that users should be able to continue writing without doing the steps described by Alejandro Tardín:

      1. Clicking on the image.
      2. Pressing right on the keyboard (which places the cursor just next to the image).
      3. Pressing enter



      • Add a line break below when the user adds content (image/video).
      • Fix focus when a user adds content

      Note: Currently when a user adds a video we are adding a line break below the video.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Content > Blogs of any Site
      2. Add Blog Entry via + button
      3. Fill title and subtitle
      4. Add content on one line
      5. Add too wide image
      6. Try to add content below image (wide.jpg)

      Actual result: User can't add content below image.
      Expected: It's possible


      Adding Content

      • If the user adds a content (image/video) a break line below the content is added.
      • If the user adds an image with the plus button and there is text selected previously a break line is not added.

      Drag and Drop

      • If the user drops and image a break line below the content isn't added.


      • If the user adds a content (image/video) the focus is placed at the right of the content added.

      Future work lines

      We were discussing about a trend using the Enter key and we concluded that maybe we can postpone develop this interaction because we are not sure if it would be the expected behavior for our users.

      Content Selected and Enter key
      If the user selects the content and press enter key a line break above the content is added. This behavior is designed to prevent the current behavior when the user in the content line adds firstly an image or a video and it's selected.

      We've detected this is a new interaction pattern for Office 365, Office (Desktop), Güttenberg, CKeditor 5.0.


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