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Adding a portlet to a page refreshes the page when page variations is enabled


    Steps to reproduce issue:

    1. Create a new site
    2. Add a page to the site
    3. Activate local live staging for the site
      • Ensure that page versioning is enabled
    4. Save staging configurations
    5. Navigate to the page
    6. Add a portlet onto the page

    Expected result: Portlet loads, and the portlet's data-qa-id attribute has a value of "app-loaded", and page is not refreshed.
    Actual result: When the portlet is moved onto the page, the page is refreshed, and the portlet no longer has an attribute "data-qa-id", and the portlet loads.

    Note: When page variations is not enabled, the page is not refreshed when a widget is added to a page (even though staging is enabled).

    Reproduced on:
    Tomcat 9.0.6 + MySQL 5.7
    Portal Master GIT ID: 97e6d1cfe62b0cddfc2ad547cc706571673903d5
    Portal 7.1.x-private GIT ID: 05def77a5a615ae9e700986166d8585e7266ff8f
    Portal 7.1.x GIT ID: 028a6aa46e0c237d8c93d07b8d8986b06b4799ad


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