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Ability to define and manage Content Collections independently of the publication channel




      Businesses are constantly evolving in how they operate, the ways in which they reach target audiences and how they compete in their industries. Liferay wants to help our customers with the evolution of their digital strategy managing and delivering hyper-personalized experiences across every digital touchpoint.

      Modern content delivery is no longer about writing in rich text editors and publishing to web pages, it’s dynamic content delivered via different channels, like smartwatch notifications, smart speakers audio, TVs... etc. The content is no longer tied to a vessel, it adapts. The content is re-used. 

      In this context, the Asset Publisher widget provides the ability to use rules to define a list of assets that will be shown on a given page of a site. While this method is powerful it is tightly coupled with the place where the list of assets will be displayed (a specific page) which makes it hard (or impossible) to reuse the list for different channels, such as mobile apps or in the same site but with a different display style.


      The goal of this epic is to decouple asset list creation from asset publisher by creating an admin application that will allow a user to create lists of assets by 1) manually selecting the assets or 2) using dynamic rules.

      Enabling new use cases

      Decoupling asset list creation from Asset Publisher, we will enable new ways of using these lists to build new use cases:

      • Asset lists could be consumed through an API by a mobile app.
      • A web developer could create a fragment with repeatable elements that could be mapped to an asset list.
      • The asset list could be mapped to an "Asset list display page" and allow users to navigate through the list using categories.
      • The classic one: show an asset list through Asset Publisher but now you can re-use the list without creating the same list everytime you use an asset publisher.

      This epic does NOT aim to build these use cases but to put the first stone to enable the construction of these use cases.

      Epic acceptance criteria

      After completing this epic:

      • A developer should be able to retrieve (not edit or create) asset lists through the API.
      • A user should be able to use a previously created asset list in asset publisher.

      Out of scope

      • Asset list usage
      • Asset list creation and editing through API
      • Simplification of the asset list creation (do not split between manual and dynamic)



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