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Certain resource bundles cannot be overriden



      Certain resource bundles cannot be overriden due to the way of retrieving the resource bundle ignoring the overriden one.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Use https://dev.liferay.com/es/develop/tutorials/-/knowledge_base/7-0/overriding-language-keys#overriding-a-modules-language-keys to override a couple of keys like:
        1. look-and-feel-configuration in com.liferay.portlet.configuration.css.web
        2. add-to-facebook in com.liferay.portlet.configuration.sharing.web


      Expected Results:

      Keys should be overriden.


      Actual Results:

      Keys aren't overriden.

      Example cases

      1. Override the key x-template in portal-impl
        1. Deploy the module com.liferay.blade.resource.bundle.override.portalimpl-1.0.0.jar which overrides the key in English
        2. In a give site, go to Build > Application Display Template
        3. Click on the plus button to show all the possible templates available
          Expected: All the templates show the new message "$entity Template Overridden" for the different values of $entity.
          Observed: The templates still show the original message "$entity Template"
      2. Override the key look-and-feel-configuration in com.liferay.portlet.configuration.css.web
        1. Deploy the module com.liferay.blade.resource.bundle.override.portletconfigurationcssweb-1.0.0.jar which overrides the key in English
        2. For any portlet, such as the Hello World portlet, click on the 3-dot menu
          Expected: The first option shows the new value "Look and Feel Configuration Overridden"
          Observed: The first option still show the original message "Look and Feel Configuration"
      3. Override the key x-moved-a-web-content-to-the-recycle-bin in com.liferay.journal.web
        1. Deploy the module com.liferay.blade.resource.bundle.override.journallang-1.0.0.jar which overrides the key in English
        2. Create a web content with the user test and subscribe to it
        3. Create a new user (user01) and give the role admin
        4. With user01 move the web content to the recycle bin
        5. The user test will have a new notification
          Expected: The notification shows the new message "user01 user01 moved a web content to the recycle bin Overridden."
          Observed: The notification still shows the original message "user01 user01 moved a web content to the recycle bin"

      EDIT: Uploaded a new jar for case 3.


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