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As a user I want to set the expiration date sharing a document or media asset with another registered user or users


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      The goal of this story is to enable a user to define an expiration date when sharing a document or media asset to another user.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • By default, there won't be expiration date when sharing a document or media asset
      • When a user shares a document with one or more users, the user will be able to define an expiration date
      • When the expiration date arrives, the user won't be able to access the document or media asset anymore.

      Behavior Questions

      Will be there different expiration dates depending on the person who shared the document with a user?

      No. Only one expiration date. If user1 shared the document with user3 with expiration date 01/01/2018 and user2 shared the document with user3 with expiration date 10/01/2018, the latest one will be the one to take into consideration.

      Will any kind of user be able to set the expiration date?

      Any user with sharing permissions.

      UX work needed

      • Define how to define/update the expiration date to a document or media asset
      • Define where the user can see the expiration date of a document shared with him/her

      User Experience


      • New design for Collaborators
      • Add Expiration Toggle Button
      • New Expiration State for a Collaborator


      Expiration Button

      • It's shown when the user hovers a Collaborator Item
      • It has a tooltip with the text "Set expiration date"
      • If the user clicks on it, the Collaborator item changes to its Expiration State (showing the Expiration input and the Cancel Expiration button)
      • The Cancel button removes the expiration date and the Collaborator item backs to its normal state.
      • If a file was shared with a Collaborator until an expiration date:
        • The Expiration button for that Collaborator is always shown. Except when Expiration State is opened.
        • The tooltip text is "Until #expirationdate"

      Expiration Input

      • It only accepts dates.
      • The default date value is the tomorrow day.
      • It doesn't accept dates before tomorrow day. If a date is not accepted, the date shown changes with the tomorrow day. 




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