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Enable filtering and sorting of reviewable personal data in data erasure process




      When reviewing potential personal data during step 3 of the personal data erasure process, the data is grouped as a single list per app's asset type. So all of a user's BlogEntries will appear as one large list as will a user's DLFileEntries or DLFolders.

      Currently, there's no way to filter or sort this list. It would be valuable for admins to be able to sort by fields like "last modified time" or filter by "group" to more easily break down the task of reviewing personal data.


      • API for developers to define the fields to sort or filter by
      • Special filter for site-specific content
        • The majority of personal data content (blogs, files, etc) is grouped by site. For such content, provide an API to specify the asset type is site-specific and provide predefined filters to display content by site. This should include the global site, personal site, staged sites, and normal sites.
        • Content that does not belong to one of the site types listed above should not be visible.
          • For example, DLFileEntry/DLFolder created by LAR exporter
        • This could remove the necessity to have a separate step for deleting personal site data.
        • Future: We may want to allow site admins to review personal data, so filtering per site would be valuable
      • Default implementation should typically include the following Order By fields: Name, Modified Date, Create Date


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