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Support grouping content by hierarchy when reviewing personal data for erasure




      When reviewing personal data for data erasure, the data is presented as a flat list without any hierarchy. However, much of the content is hierarchical in nature. For example, a user might have a folder labeled "my vacation pictures" with a hundred image files inside. When an admin is reviewing the data, she would ideally see there are image files inside the folder and simply delete the folder without having to review each image.

      We should consider visually representing the hierarchy of the assets within an app (when applicable) so admins can better understand the data they're reviewing.

      Design Challenges

      • If you can navigate the hierarchy (click into folder to view files), how do you navigate hierarchical content when a user has access to the Parent and Grandchild folders, but not the child folder?
        • Show as orphaned content?
      • Have two views, one for flat list of all content (perhaps divided by asset type) and another for hierarchical view
      • Is it sufficient to just show and sort by path?
      • Reference: see list view for Documents and MB


      • API to define tree structure for hierarchical content
      • Display content in flat or hierarchical views
      • When deleting parent, delete all children (regardless of owner)
        • Just deleting the parent should automatically handle this
      • When anonymizing parent, optionally anonymize just the parent or all personal children assets


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