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Move hsql database default to Setup Wizard



      Rationale: Currently, if you don't configure anything differently, hsql will be the default database for a bundle when it starts. The first start will unconditionally start the setup wizard (unless manually disabled before).

      Thus, the setup wizard would be a perfect place to configure a default database for Liferay.

      Drawback with the current way hsql is introduced as the default: In case someone manually configures a database and introduces a typo in the configuration, e.g.


      and related settings (notice j*bd*c instead of j*db*c), Liferay will transparently work, just not on the intended Oracle database. And this will be barely identifiable. I'd rather like to see it fail fast with an unconfigured database than defaulting to a database that's unsupported in production.

      This can be implemented without any impact for users, if the setup wizard just introduces the proper hsql settings whenever a user selects hsql, instead of relying on default settings from portal.properties.

      While we're at it: Why not enable the Setup Wizard to configure Liferay to use JNDI datasources?




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