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Maintainable and Extensible Site Initialization


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      Currently, it's possible to initialize a site using the Resources Importer with a theme, and/or via Site Templates

      Both mechanisms have their pros and cons, but they've historically lacked some features and developer ergonomics, capping their outcomes. On top of that, Resources Importer is deprecated as of 7.1, so we need to find a useful replacement for it.

      Liferay Portal 7.1 silently introduces the concept of SiteInitializer, an interface that, when implemented, provides an entry point into the site creation lifecycle. In this way, a developer can fully take control of the site creation and make use of all the existing Liferay Portal APIs to assemble a unique experience.

      The goals of this epic are:

      • Validate the concept of SiteInitializer
      • Design an extensible Framework to help bootstrapping sites in a simple and enjoyable way
      • Provide the basic building blocs and features of site creation
        • Document Library Asset load
        • Web Content Structure, Template and Content creation
        • Fragments and Page Template creation
        • Page creation and configuration
        • Navigation configuration
      • Provide the necessary infrastructure for developers to be able to contribute in an easy and modular way to the process of site creation


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