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Content referenced by Asset Publishers published in Staging even when disabled



      If Staging is configured for a site but it is disabled for a specific portlet in the configuration (like Web Content or Calendar), having an Asset Publisher can still cause the portlet data to be staged as if it were enabled. This is because the Asset Publisher itself is exporting all references without checking for whether Staging is enabled for each specific type of asset entry.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. On any site, add a Web Content article
      2. Add a Calendar portlet to a page, then add an event to it
      3. Add an Asset Publisher to the page
        • the Asset Publisher should display both the Web Content article and the Calendar event
      4. Check the database's JournalArticle and CalendarBooking tables, noting the number of rows in each
      5. Configure local live Staging for the site
        • by default, Web Content should be enabled for Staging, and Calendar disabled
      6. Check the database's JournalArticle and CalendarBooking tables
        Expected result: the JournalArticle table has a new row (because the article is published), but the CalendarBooking table does not. The Asset Publisher on the live site has the Calendar event but the one on the Staging site does not.
        Actual result: both tables have a row added, indicating both the article and Calendar booking were published. The Asset Publisher on both sites has the Calendar booking.


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