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Cannot delete a Virtual Instance after importing a DDL portlet



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Virtual Instances
      2. Add a new virtual instance
      3. Navigate to the virtual instance and login
      4. Add a new site
      5. Go to Global Site > Content > Dynamic Data Lists
      6. Add a new DDL list with an existing Data Definition
      7. Submit a new record for the list
      8. Export the global site DDL portlet
      9. Download the LAR
      10. Go the site previously created > Dynamic Data Lists
      11. Import the LAR
      12. View the DDL list
      13. View the DDL list record
      14. Navigate to the base instance (localhost:8080)
      15. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Virtual Instances
      16. Attempt to delete the virtual instance

      Expected Result:
      Virtual Instance can be deleted.

      Actual Result:
      Delete fails with console error:

      ERROR [http-nio-8080-exec-10][GroupLocalServiceImpl:4079] Unable to delete data for portlet null in group 36295
      com.liferay.exportimport.kernel.lar.PortletDataException: com.liferay.dynamic.data.mapping.exception.NoSuchStructureVersionException: No DDMStructureVersion exists with the primary key 36773
      	at com.liferay.exportimport.kernel.lar.BasePortletDataHandler._handleException(BasePortletDataHandler.java:859)
      	at com.liferay.exportimport.kernel.lar.BasePortletDataHandler.deleteData(BasePortletDataHandler.java:100)
      	at com.liferay.portal.service.impl.GroupLocalServiceImpl.deletePortletData(GroupLocalServiceImpl.java:4074)
      	at com.liferay.portal.service.impl.GroupLocalServiceImpl.deleteGroup(GroupLocalServiceImpl.java:994)
      	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

      Reproduced on:
      Master: aba951affed4605d0f06d670ee7a71498f29c1b5
      7.1.x: 5d879e2cad331979f67339a7d852d8461af597b5

      Not Reproducible on:
      7.1 DXP GA1


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