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Can't publish web content with a valid layout reference



      Reproduction steps:
      1. Add the following property in portal-ext.properties:


      2. Install the latest fix pack and start the Liferay server

      3. Login as administrator

      4. Ensure "Validate Layout References" setting for "Export/Import Service" from System settings is selected:
      4.1.Navigate to Control Panel --> Configuration --> System Settings --> Web Experience
      4.2.Click on Export/Import Service from list
      4.4.Assert that Validate Layout References is selected

      5. Add a virtual host entry for a Liferay site
      5.1.Navigate to Control Panel → Liferay (liferay site) → Configuration → Site Settings -> General
      5.2.Update public virtual host entry to www.helloworld.com
      5.4.Click on Save button

      6. Add a test page in Liferay site
      6.1.Navigate to Control Panel → Liferay (liferay site) → Navigation → Public Pages
      6.2.Click on triple vertical dots besides Public Pages
      6.4.After that a menu appear, click on Add public page option
      6.5.Enter name for page and click on Add Page button for saving

      7. Add new basic web content as below
      7.1.Navigate to Control Panel → Liferay (liferay site) → Content → Web Content.
      7.2.Click the Add icon ( + ) at the bottom-right of the page, it will list the structures .
      7.4.Select Basic Web Content structure from list drop-down
      7.5.Enter title for content
      7.6.Now go to content field (liferay editor) and click on link option for editor
      7.7.It will open the following popup, select URL from Link Type and enter following url in url field: www.helloworld.com:8080/nl/test (virtual_host:server-port/2-character-language-code/page-friendly-url-created-in-previous-step)
      7.7.Click on ok button in above step

      8. Click on "Publish" button:

      Expected: Publication to succeed
      Actual behavior: The following error will be shown on interface: "Your request failed to complete. // The content references a missing page."

      Reproduced on branch @ d268e05d50ad5fcefd20295c473f7f8d4b4c9359f4f60a65c830f3f3ad43e376
      Reproduced on master @ 72baaad4cef5371e8fafd2580fb101628013b0d20fe352f2a513898a89c1e943

      When removing the 2 character language code from URL www.helloworld.com:8080/test, it all works.
      Using the full URL http://www.helloworld.com:8080/nl/web/guest/test also seems to work





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