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Autofill from text field does not update if user uses Autocomplete for input



      It's possible that, before following the steps, you might need to change the Service Access Policy.
      Trying to reproduce this @ master (commit 8d5af05f5bf00f123ddd104fbaf9231ba54e05ae), the getCountry service was not allowed to be accessed from the API anymore. Steps to change that:

      1. Got to Control Panel > Configuration > Service Access Policy;
      2. Edit the SYSTEM_DEFAULT policy;
      3. Click on "Switch to Advanced Mode";
      4. In "Allowed Service Signatures" box, add a new line with com.liferay.portal.kernel.service.CountryService#getCountry
      5. Save.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Content > Forms
      2. Add a Data Provider to "get a country by Id"
      3. Add a Second Data Provider to "get list of countries"
      4. Add a new form
      5. Add a text field
      6. Configure to Autocomplete from the second data provider (get list of countries) using the ID
      7. Add a select from list field
      8. Set to "From Autofill"
      9. Go to Rules
      10. Add a new Rule
      11. If text field is not empty: Autofill from first data provider (get country by Id) using the text field as the ID input
      12. Save and Publish form
      13. Go to Publication URL
      14. Input "2" into text field
      15. Select any of the autocomplete options using the mouse
      16. View output into Select field

      Expected Result:
      Select field will be populated with the value chosen by the user during autocomplete.

      Actual Result:
      Select field will not update. Will always have "China" as an option if the user types "2" and then autocompletes.

      This only occurs if the user uses the autocomplete. For example, if the user manually inputs "245" then "Tokelau" will be populated.

      Reproduced on:
      Master: 2183ba53f8778b7331e371f061ffcb789f96676d
      7.1 DXP GA1




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