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Page Management UI: Wording, Inconsistency and Usability



      Among the "Basic Page Types", under "Other", there's a "Link to Page of this Site". However, it only links to a page of the current layout set, e.g. a public page can only link to a public page, a private page can only link to a private page.

      I can think of several alternative expectations

      • I'd expect to be able to link any page, public or private, based on this UI name for the page type.
      • With the advent of Navigation Menus, and with it the component-team's push to deal with Navigation Menus even for changes in the page hierarchy (LPS-80611), it'd be natural if this page type was just removed, in favor of a Navigation Item.

      Funny enough, this page, that could be a Navigation Item, also makes it selectable if it should be added to a Navigation Menu...

      Adding to that: "Page Sets", e.g. Names for a collection of subpages, don't exist any more. They can be simulated by a Navigation Menu Item (submenu). However, now the pages need to be created somewhere in the hierarchy, only to be moved to their final place in the navigation later. While this is indeed more flexible, it will require a lot more work for the every-day-case, assuming that page hierarchy and Navigation are not that dramatically different in most of the cases.




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