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Existing link to page temporarily broken during long Staging publications



      Link to pages link to the incorrect page when a long Staging publication is taking place (typically later in the publication, after the halfway point). This is because during the publication, the typeSettings are directly copied from the Staging site to propagate any changes (which have different layoutIds), before they are corrected again with the new Site's mapping of layoutIds.

      Note that for newly created pages, this behavior is expected because the order the pages must be imported in limits how early the typeSettings can be corrected. In this case, it is an issue because it temporarily breaks already working links.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new Site
      2. On the new Site, enable Local Live Staging (All content is staged, no versioning)
      3. Create a public page ("Main Page")
      4. Create another public page, of the type "Link to Page" (temporarily set the link to Main Page)
      5. Create a child page under the link to page, then configure the Link to Page and set the link to point to its own child page
      6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 a few more times
      7. Publish the site to Live
      8. Confirm that the Live site behaves as expected (i.e. the navigation menu links behave correctly)
      9. Add some very large documents (documents several GB large preferably)
      10. Access the Live site on a separate browser window
      11. Create a new publish to the Live site, including all content and pages
      12. While the publication is occurring, continuously click the different navigation menu links
        Expected result: all links work correctly the whole way through
        Actual result: during the publication, some of the link to page links lead to the wrong page or cause errors




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